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Inland Meeting Notes ~ August 28, 2019

Present: April, Quinn Caitlin, Mori, Tina, Sonya, AnnaHope, Michelle, Sarah, Kai, Mona, Ana Victoria, Leslie ( notes )

It was a casual meeting at Walker Lake / food, meeting and fun summer time swims were had

Items discussed:

  • Changing the meeting times back to early evenings
  • Making sure meeting notes go out on email as well as FB and website
  • Harvest Dinner planning
  • Marketing/Social Media for MCHG – Catilin and Michelle volunteered to help
  • Is there an interest in bulk order for Hops ?
  • School of Adaptive Agriculture schedule
  • Herbs for Reproductive Freedom- Sara
  • Pod Meeting for Harvest Dinner- Sept 9th 6 pm – contact Ana Victoria to get on Zoom list

Inland Meeting Times: Change to the 4th Tuesdays – 6 to 7:30 pm.
298 Seminary Ave – Ukiah

NEXT MEETING: SEPTEMBER 24, 6-7:30pm at 298 Seminary Ave.


**** Harvest Dinner: Date Set for Nov ___ TBA ( please answer the poll that was put out on this page earlier this week.

Multiple items discussed re: planning of Harvest Festival. Date, time, what kind of food/ who to hire? raise entry price, how many vendors, elixir bar- eliminate it or hire it out, to serve alcohol infused w herbs or not- need a license , meat served or vegan option only, just what are all the needs of putting on event, should we pay for event coordinator- Caitlin is interested in coordinator position.

1st Pod Meeting for Harvest Dinner will be on Sept 9 via tele conference: Interested in learning and be involved? Contact


School of Adaptive Agriculture schedule is up. Please check it out and attend the really great classes happening, lots of herbal classes. If you are interested in teaching contact Ana Victoria.


NEW POD is forming: Herbs for Reproductive Freedom:

Below is the website information for the Sovereign Womb Collective and an announcement about forming a pod on Herbs for Reproductive Freedom.

Dear Mendo Herb Guild Friends,

At our last meeting I mentioned that I would be interested in forming a pod on the topic of “Herbs for Reproductive Freedom” as part of an ongoing project of restoring and reclaiming this ancient wisdom, studying, researching, educating other women, maybe developing a line of herbal products and networking with others involved in this work.

If you are interested in joining the “Herbs for Reproductive Freedom” pod, please contact me at and we will make a time to hold a meeting.

Also I wanted to share with you an amazing website resource on this topic put together by my friend Sunshine Gaia. The link is:


Pod Meeting for Harvest Festival – Sept 9th 6 pm – email to get involved, we’ll need lots of help!

Next Inland Meeting: Sept 25, 6-7:30pm at 298 Seminary Dr
Next Coastal Meeting: Sept 29, 3-4:30pm

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