Past Events

We foster community wellness and holistic health through various engaging events at the Mendocino County Herb Guild. Our virtual class series includes workshops led by experts in herbalism and wellness, making it easy to gain valuable knowledge from the comfort of your home.

Our maker’s markets are a highlight, showcasing the incredible talents of local artisans and farmers. These markets, more than just a celebration of local creativity, are a crucial fundraising effort. By participating, you are directly supporting our mobile apothecary and other important community projects, making a real impact in our community.

We also host hands-on herbal workshops and classes. These practical sessions, led by experienced herbalists and wellness practitioners, offer a wealth of learning opportunities. From herbal medicine making to sustainable gardening and natural wellness practices, these events empower participants to incorporate holistic practices into their daily lives, enriching their wellness journey.

Our community gatherings are a cornerstone of our mission. They offer social events such as potlucks, seed swaps, storytelling nights, and seasonal celebrations. These gatherings strengthen our community bonds and create a supportive network for sharing experiences, resources, and support among like-minded individuals.

In addition to these events, we collaborate on various projects with local organizations and groups to promote sustainability and holistic health initiatives. Our mutual aid efforts, such as the community herb garden and mobile apothecary, are designed to bring herbal remedies directly to those in need, furthering our commitment to community wellness.

Join us in promoting holistic health, sustainability, and community wellness. Stay connected and participate in our upcoming events!


Seeds of Vandana Shiva Event at The Little Lake Grange

Weekly Pop-Up Apothecary Services in partnership with The Mendocino Community Wellness Collective

Grateful Gleaners

Plant Sale

Monthly Herbal Skillshares with Suraya David- Sidira

Cultivating Community Wellness at The Little Lake Grange

Family Days at The Community Garden in collaboration with Xa Kako Dile:

Mutual Aid for Community in partnership with Xa Kako Dile: and The Mendocino Community Wellness Collective


Anderson Valley Brewery Craft Fair

Wellness Tent at The Mendocino Producer’s Guild Market

Garden Tour of The Community Herb Garden

Grateful Gleaner’s Plant Sale

Spring Wellness Fair


Grateful Gleaner’s Plant Sale

Spring Maker’s Market



Northern California Farmer’s Convergence

Earth Day at Mariposa Market

Grateful Gleaners Plant Sale

2nd Annual Herbal Craft Fair at Caspar Community Center


Seed and Scion Exchange

Now and Then Film Series: Juliette of the Herbs

Earth Day at Mariposa Market

Elderflower Gathering Wellness Tent

Fire Relief Remedy Making