Meeting Minutes

Inland Guild on Wheels Meeting ~ Feb 19th, 2019

Attendees: Katie, Miguel, April, Tina, Ana Victoria

Next meeting: April 7th, 2019 at 2pm. Location TBD (keep an eye on our Guild Calendar on the website and/or Facebook for updates) – ALL ARE WELCOME!

This meeting was a first step in brainstorming and organizing the future potential of getting the Guild some wheels.

We began by discussing what we are excited. Some of the things shared:

  • Getting some wheels to be more present in the county
  • Connecting to the “festival scene” to provide herbal support to existing medical aid
  • Herbal First Aid at events
  • Business potentials for the Guild to make money (offering items like Herbal First Aid Kits)
  • Being available to support in natural disasters such as fires
  • Personal interest in learning and practicing more about the clinical side of herbalism
  • Potentially support folks who don’t have healthcare
  • Perhaps begin with a small trailer (similar to Diane Smalley’s) for ease

Potential events (brainstorm)

  • Kate Wolf, Farmer’s Convergence, NSS, Fiber & Wool Symposium, Hometown Celebration, Rodeo, Elderflower Gathering, Northern Lights
  • Senior Center and local High Schools (San Hedrin, Willits High)
  • Working with animals at Humane Society (Redwood Valley)

We quickly realized that there is no shortage of places we could go, and in many cases there are already folks supporting some form of “care.” We discussed potential collaborations we could make, to offer services and see if we are needed. Some of these included:

  • Womxn’s Herbal Symposium Wellness Center
  • RockMed + Whitebird – already doing medical care at festivals
  • ASK the organizers how we can be of service first

Potential concerns:

  • LIABILITY – absolutely NO prescribing or diagnosing. Perhaps starting with topicals and tea.
  • Training for anyone who is working the “aid” side of the Guild on wheels.
  • Decision making – what is the method we use? Consensus or something else? There is concern about things being slowed down if we wait to get everyone’s approval, and this could cause us to lose steam at times.
  • Sharing a vehicle between Coast and Inland – some are concerned this will not be possible, or be too difficult.

An idea was offered to do FREE Tea Parties in the Park, just to connect with folks. Consistency is key in making this successful.

Begin fundraising for a trailer??

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