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Inland Chapter Meeting Notes ~ Jan. 29, 2019


AnaVictoria, Prana, Katie, Ramona “Mona”, Lisa, Kami, Aria, Claudia, Sara, Blaire, AnnaHope, Leslie (notes)


  • AnaVictoria is going to Southern California from March to June/July ~ She needs someone to take over to run the meetings, post notes, etc.  It was decided that we would rotate facilitators.. Katie is for Feb. ( sign up sheet went around _ Leslie has it )
  • Jamie at Quail Seeds wants to sell herb seeds .. if you have any contact her on Facebook Quail Seeds or at
  • Winter Abundance Festival is next month ~ Feb 9.  Donna needs help at the booth there. Please contact Donna at :
  • Willits Farmers Market- we are having talks- 15 min each. Re anything related to Herbs. Donna needs more people to volunteer to give a chat. Please contact:
  • MCHG Newsletter needs assistance with  sharing content, photos, articles you write, blogs, gardening tips, etc.. please contact:
  • Willits Weekly – Donna needs help with content.- please contact here for formatting information:
  • BLOG writers ~ if you write a blog and want to share it, please send it to:
  • A heartfelt letter was read about Donna’s continuing involvement and her need to back off in particular from attending meetings


  • Claudia spoke about a couple of events she is helping to produce:
  • Events are: PTSD information and a  Lymes informational. Dates TBA. Each event would like to invite the MCHG to feature a presentation on herbal formulas. These presentations will be 3-4 hours with guest speakers and people knowledgeable in the topic. We are invited to have about 30 minutes.  Contact:
  • Willits Expo- Claudia wants the MCHG to be part of this event. Date TBA
  • Claudia spoke of her interest in utilizing Sida Acuta as a product for the Guild.
  • Kami brought forth an idea for a MCHG EVENT in the Spring or Early Summer. Discussion  items about that are: A day long event/ outside/local park/ educational focus/ food/ drinks/ elixir bar/Apothecary/vendors/ plant & seed sale/ membership drive
  • Dates? Late June does not work as it collides with Kate Wolf.  We need to set a date far enough ahead to give adequate time for planning.
  • Katie spoke  about the Education Pod, would like to bring teachers to offer classes around topics such as Herbal First Aide. Ana VIctoria suggested that Avenues to Wellness may be a good partnership. Bring a teacher in? ? for the guild and for the community.
  • Sara Grusky – The Farmers Convergence on Feb 17 is requesting  MCHG presence to give a presentation. It is at Ridgewood Ranch all day.  Possible topics discussed, one being a focus on Farmers First Aid. Food as Medicine, Medicine as Food. Sara wants partners to make this happen. Contact: Perhaps this is a good place to work to get names for the Exchange Directory.
  • Sara Grusky spoke about an Educational Opportunity at the School of Adaptive Agriculture School at Ridgewood Ranch. They are developing this years course catalog and she things that the Herb Guild could have a class/an Herb walk ( series) put into the program. Workshops for the community. They are offering that the Herb Guild be part of this. Anyone interested please contact Sara ASAP. Deadline is the end of February. This is a great opportunity. It is a paid teaching position and brings more exposure to the MCHG.
  • AnnaHope asked members present is there was any interest in salve making as a product for the guild.  Discussion about non MJ vs added MJ and how the HG members feel about having MJ as a product line. Salve making could be co-produced with Flow Kana.  A contact sheet was passed around for those interested in furthering the conversation w AnnaHope.
  • Facilitating the next meetings going forward: Katie will take on February. Please send all necessary action items or pertinent info to: . contact list for future Meeting Facilitator’s  was sent around. ( Leslie has possession of that at this point )

We ended the meeting with a  great lively discussion about what 10 herbs we have or that we want to plant this next year.  An IDEA was generated about making a Tea Blend for the MCHG to put together as a product.

Next Meeting Dates/ Agenda

Continue discussion about the Tea as a product idea.

Everyone is encourage to start some plant or seed starts to share with each other in a couple months.

Send action items or meeting agenda items to Katie for next meeting:

Next meetings:

Feb 26 5:30 – 7 @ Cultivate Wellness – Inland MCHG meeting.

Meeting for Mobile Clinic for Feb 19, Cultivate Wellness Studio, 5:30pm

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