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Harvest Dinner 2019

GRATITUDE to everyone who made our Harvest Dinner a great success. With your support, we raised $3,300!!! We could not have done it with out a LONG list of volunteers that made the evening possible.

Photos by Mathew Caine

This magical event was Co-sponsored by our dear friends, The Little Lake Grange. The tradition of Harvest Dinners at the Grange has been stewarded by many groups for over a decade. We are so grateful to have the opportunity to carry the torch and add our own herbal touch.

For the second year in a row, our delicious meal was dreamed up and prepared by Chefs Danny Becker and Tanner Frye, as well as the remarkable ALL volunteer kitchen staff (prep, cooking, and waitstaff.) Thank you to our stellar set-up crew for setting the stage for a beautiful evening.

This year, the Herb Guild purchased much of the produce, in a show of solidarity to our local farmers. We also received generous donations from many farms. We would like to thanks the following farms for making this meal possible: Happy Day Farms, Irene’s Garden, Seely Farm, Nurturing Seed, Cinnamon Bear Farm, New Agrarian Collective, Yokayo Roots, Anarchy Herbals, and Green Uprising Farm. Thank you also to Mariposa Market and the MendoLake Food Hub for helping us source ingredients in our greater bio-region.

The local bar was made possible by Michelle Cummins, Tamar Distillery, Frey Vineyards, Anderson Valley Brewing Company, Sanhedrin Brewery, The Apple Farm, Christina, Erika, Kiohma and Stella Bonnet. Thank you to Krista at SheWolf for the delicious coffee!

Thank you to Donna d’Terra, Selena Rowan, Karin Uphoff, and Antoinette Ascencio for warming our hearts with your beautiful words.

The beautiful centerpieces were created by Donna d’Terra and Jonelle Puetz. We’d like to thank Paige for holding down the centerpiece fundraiser table. 

Thank you to Renata Abbade and Camila Giotto Levy for creating the beautiful poster!

Thank you to Jesse, Lincoln and Aaron for such wonderful music throughout the evening.

Thank you to Caitlin Wolf and AnnaHope for overseeing vendors and the Herb Guild Apothecary, as well as all the Vendors who came to share their creative wares. Thank you to Kiohma for the beautiful Silent Auction, as well as the many folks who donated items.

We want to send a special thank you to Mendo Bridal and Tux in Ukiah, who went above and beyond to provide amazing service and support. Go to them for all your linen rental needs!

Thank you to April Hunter and Ana Victoria Salcido-Cobbe for overseeing the event and the many hours of planning, and to Kami Lennox and Mike Adams for being our Grange liaisons.  Thanks to our dedicated clean-up crew, we got out in record time. A special thank you to Michael, Alex and Ukiah for doing SO MANY DISHES!

We look forward to implementing everything we learned to continue to make this special gathering better and better! Thank YOU for attending and supporting us.

With the addition of the $3,300 we raised, we now have $8,000 saved towards our $10,000 goal for an Herb Bus. If you would like to support us further, feel free to DONATE below. Gratitude!

Want to help us make next year even better? Reach out to us and share your constructive feedback! We thank you in advance for your kindness.

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