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1. Build capacity to hold space for navigating tough but necessary topics within the herbal community
2. Create a series of diversity trainings with a focus on cultivating diversity in herbalist communities – with basic to advanced topics, online and in person
3. Make sure community care volunteers are aware of diversity, equity, and inclusion issues that may come up during mutual aid projects with diverse populations.
4. Actively advocate for diversity, equity, inclusion, justice, and decolonization within the community, when and how it is needed.
5. Create a conflict resolution format to follow in instances where microaggressions and discrimination are happening between members
6. Weave connections with good ancestors into our diverse work to learn to live as good ancestors ourselves

Anyone committed to and passionate about these topics is invited to join the Diversity Pod. We will all learn much along the way, as this is a lifelong path of ever-deeper understanding and healing.

Interested in joining or have questions?

Our Membership Coordinator, Anna Hope FarPorte, will be an active member of the Diversity Pod. Anna Hope brings several years of experience co-teaching classes on this topic, although she is also constantly learning more, as there is always more to learn.

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