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Inland Chapter Meeting Notes ~ Nov. 27, 2018

Study Group Pod/Classes (General/Katie):
Organizer needed! There is a strong interest in bringing back the Study Group, but no one to head it up. Last year we met once a month and talked about a different body system and our favorite herbs for that system while enjoying tea and eachother’s remedies. It was fun and informal and a great way to connect the community with the Guild’s vision of local educational outreach.
If no one steps up, we’ll probably take a break from study group this year
In general, the Guild can move towards hosting classes. Examples: gardening, growing standards, intro to herbal medicine. Potential to offer discounts to Members of the Guild
– Contact Katie ( if you/anyone you know wants to offer classes
Farmers Market Classes (Donna & AnnaHope):
Donna offering a 15 min class in the corner of Farmer’s Market this week (11/29)
If successful, she’ll reach out to others interested in offering little classes. PLEASE contact Donna if you want to offer a class (
HELP NEEDED setting up + running the Guild’s market booth for 12/27, 1/3 2:45-6 pm. Please contact if you can cover this shift.
Ana Victoria will cover 12/6, Aria will cover 12/20
As a reminder, 10% of ALL sales go to the person running the booth, 10% to the Guild
Apothecary (Claudia & Katie):

Claudia + Michelle are offering Cultivate Wellness Studio to the Guild to host an Apothecary and Herb Exchange!
– 1st Sunday of the month, 10 am-3 pm
– setup can start at 9am, must be completely cleaned up by 4 pm
– Can sell herbs + products/offer class/host a study group/etc.
– Claudia is donating tinctures and herbs for donation to the guild. Anyone can do the same.
– Want to be involved? Contact Katie (
Missy at Re-evolution would like to give space to Guild products/apothecary
– Consignment: 70% (Maker)/ 20% (Re:Evolition) / 10% (Guild) breakdown?
– Contact Katie if you’re interested (
-Twinkle Thursdays: sip + shop events each Thursday next month, downtown stores open until 8 pm, support local businesses!

Announcement: An RV IS BEING DONATED!
Donna is donating her RV to the Guild to serve as a mobile clinic!!!!
– 1983 Trans-Star Chevy, no known issues, great condition
– Her conditions: must accept by the end of the year/needs to be moved in the next few weeks/insurance must be switched by next February/if the Guild doesn’t want it at any point, we’ll return it to Donna
– Insurance about $140/yr for Donna, may be more for the Guild?
– We would need a place to park it, also a cheap mechanic
– Rachel: we might be able to park at Ridgewood, will inquire further
– We could have a fundraiser/GoFundMe to help pay for it??
Mendo Vitality Tonic:
– organizational meeting coming soon to discuss expansion, marketing, etc.
– over all doing well + making money!
– we will be paying farmer’s next round!
– we need elderberries and ginger! We might be able to contract grow. Please email the Guild if you can grow either of these items.
-Food Hub is offering to be a distributor + connection between farmers, driving from point A to point B!

MCHG First Aid Kit Proposol (Miguel)
– proposing to make a MCHG First Aid Kit
– has list for potential items, already has an idea of how it should be
– if Guild doesn’t want to put name on it, individuals should get in contact with him
– 20-25 kits, $50 for a small size, $150 for a large?
– ideas: 10-15% goes to Guild, herbalists contribute different products and get back the retail value of their products once it sells on consignment –or– Guild could buy wholesale products?
– could also include supplies like tweezers, etc
– Pod created, next step is to meet up and discuss logistics, then bring numbers back to the guild.
– contact Miguel for more info.

– NET PROFIT: $2,170
– Danny: gratitude and says he’ll do it again
– Feedback: portions could be smaller, we should offer both meat + vegan options next time
– Timing seemed good: mid-November seems ideal
– Apothecary: get products way earlier next time! More space needed, link Tonic ads into the dinner, charge a higher consignment rate
– Dessert + Elixir Bar: made net ~$300, hot drinks (cocoa, chai, tea) were the most popular. Next time get more help and possibly more space. Potentially serve dessert at the table.
– Have MCs push membership + tonic + vendors more to the guests
– One whole job should be being in charge of the servers: get them more looped into the dinner next time, and plan + prep them better
– There should be different set-up + closing shifts so the same people don’t do it all
– Tremendous gratitude to farmers, who donated 80-90% of our entire meal!
– Secure food donations wayyyyyy more ahead of time
– Vendors: next yr figure out how to direct people there more + maybe charge higher fee?
– Ticket Sales: charge more next year, comp less tickets or offer a discount for work trade
– Centerpieces: $50 in donations
– Silent Auction: net $855- next time have MC announce it, ask vendors for item value, make higher starting bids + minimum increase amounts
– Michael Foley will help us get alcohol license next time
– Online payment: paid $50 total fees for all tickets sold. Seems worth it, next year we can charge the fee to the customer. Most tickets were sold online.
– WELL sponsored our insurance for free -> send a thank you in words and $$!
– We will print out MCHG thank you cards for future use

-Ana Victoria: collecting donations for border clinic: need herbal first aid: immune system help, salves, tampons, pain relief by Monday 12/3. Meet at Evergreen Shopping Center from 9-9:30am
-Aria: we could show Old Man and the Seaweed as a movie night, film about Ryan Drum
-AnnaHope: signed the Guild up for a table at Radiant Yoga Craft Fair on December 15th- get in touch with her if you’d like to participate
Next Meeting:
-We’ll take December off main meeting, re-meet in January
-December will be about pods meeting and working on projects!

With the exception of December, the Inland Chapter meets every 4th Tuesday from 5:30-7:30pm at Cultivate Wellness Studio at the Little Lake Grange

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