Meeting Minutes

Inland Chapter Meeting Notes

Attending: Ana Victoria, Rachel, Sienna, Katie Lynn, AnnaHope, Luna, Tina, Claudia, Michelle, April, Alex, Donna, Leslie ( notes )


1. Meeting Days: Date changed to 4th Tuesdays of the month ~ next Tuesday October 23rd @ 5:30pm at the Cultivate Wellness Studio in Willits.

2. Fundraising for Mendocino Vitality Tonic: The GO FUND ME page has been up for several weeks and is being broadcast on various social media sites. Goal is $4600 and the start goal on the page was started at $2500. So far we have donations of $1,102. All the proceeds will be used for production of the Mendocino Vitality Tonic.  Thus far we have been able to purchase 20 gallons of local apple cider vinegar and 1000 labels.  How we can help: 1. Help spread the word about the GO FUND ME page. Donate to the GO FUND ME page. “ if 20 people  donate $25 it will help greatly”


3. We need Elderberries -dried or fresh/willing to purchase. Contact the Guild if you have any.

4. Local Festival: Wild Willits on Oct 20. Diane Smalley is sponsoring the MCHG with 2 tables. Need two volunteers for the Herb Guild table.

5. Local Festival: Willits Hometown Festival on Oct 19th ( Friday ) have offered to let the MCHG set up a table. pending confirmation of their schedules, Katie and Sienna have offered to spear head setting up a table.

6. PR: Ana Victoria is in the process of making a MCHG banner. Suggests we create a box/tote that has our biz cards and supplies.  Email list created to help identify the people that would like to occasionally volunteer at festivals. If you’d like to join this list, please email the Guild at . The minutes of our meetings are always posted on our website.

7. Katie Lynn spoke about the workshop she went to at the Permaculture Convergence by Greta DeLaMontaine regarding her project M.A.S.H.H. They are already doing clinic type work that we want to do. There was a suggestion that we ask Greta come do an inservice or a workshop with us.

8. AnnaHope request that the Wellness supplies be stored somewhere : Leslie offered to store them

9. Membership: Donna spoke about her meeting in Laytonville that Amanda Scopin helped to set up to speak to the local people about what MCHG is up to and encourage others to join us. Hoping to set up a similar meeting in Covelo and Ukiah. We spoke of ways to increase our membership.

10. There is an Apothecary opening up in Mendocino on the coast called Watertower Apothecary. They are looking to for more products from local herbal products .. you can contact the Guild for more information

11. Kami and AnnaHope gave a report about their meeting with W.E.L.L. who is willing to be our fiscal sponsor. The benefits: we could receive tax deductible donations, they will open a bank account for the money we receive – in order for us to access that money we would need to submit requests, we would get help with book keeping. Discussion about setting up a NonProfit status for MCHG. Bringing this proposal to the Coast to be in alignment.

12. Membership discussion: how to encourage more members to join, membership fees /tiered giving/benefits of joining discussion. “ Your money is supporting the MCHG by ______ . Do we give a product or a service ( discounted classes ) . Suggested that we vote on whether we should keep it more simple vs being gift oriented for membership. Discussion to be continued and at finalized at next meeting.

13. FALL FUNDRAISER: November 15, 2018. Located at the Grange. There will be a meal, speakers and vendor opportunity, silent auction and music. Luna will head the food prep group (soup/salad?) Donna will head the Speakers group. Ana Victoria will head  the vendor ID, Keoma will be asked if she is willing to head the silent auction. Email list went around for various groups- food, day of event.  Entrance fee suggested @ $20-35 / high due to food being served. Discussion to be continued in smaller groups and again at our next meeting. A Save the Date email will go out ASAP. A flyer for the event is in the works. Title for this event is in the works.

Next MEETING:  Tuesday October 23rd @ 5:30pm at the Cultivate Wellness Studio in Willits.

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