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Thank you for your interest in the Mendocino County Herb Guild. After over a year of gathering, visioning, and organizing, we are excited about the many ways herbs can help create resilient communities and regenerative economies in our County. The seeds are planted, and the time is ripe to nourish our visions and make them realities!

Below is a list of “pods” (also known as “committees”), each representing a part of the overall vision. Those within each pod will determine the action plan and needs to move those ideas forward. The timeline, flow, and style is entirely up to each group to decide. The elected council helps to hold the vision and facilitate different actions. This is your Guild, and we are creating this together.

Found a pod that interests you? Contact the facilitator to get started. If there is not yet a facilitator and you would like to volunteer to be one, contact us at

What is a Pod?

Pods are action groups of member volunteers that come together for a specific purpose. To form a Pod, a Charter will need to be drawn up that states the who, what, where, when, & how aspects of the pod’s project goals. Joining a Pod should be an official process so that an individual knows once they have joined what they have committed to, for what duration of time, and what is expected of them (such as attending meetings at a specific regular interval), and leaving a pod should also be decisive, as opposed to wandering off and losing continuity of contact.

All members of the Herb Guild who join pods must also be members of Herbalists Without Borders (HWB), our umbrella organization, and must sign a volunteer agreement to be covered by HWB insurance. 

Since participating in a pod is an act of volunteering, the Herb Guild membership dues can be covered by those hours. So the only payment needed is for HWB membership. If pod members cannot afford HWB membership, the Herb Guild may be able to cover it as a scholarship to increase accessibility for all members to participate in pods. Becoming a member of HWB will give HWB Member Benefits.

Annual Pods – A short-term pod to organize an event or complete a specific task would be called an Annual Pod. Once the mission of the Annual Pod has been achieved, it will be dissolved. An Annual Pod to organize an event would work with the Secretary of Documents to make sure they have all of the proper permits to carry through their event, with the Treasurer of Internal Finance to develop a budget and report earnings, and with the Secretary of Media to help promote the event and report its success to membership and followers. The Treasurer of External Reporting would work with the Representative to HWB and the Treasurer of Internal Finance to make sure the money for the project budget is gotten from our HWB funds and money earned is reported and deposited there. 

Perennial Pods – A long-term pod to organize ongoing projects and activities would be called a Perennial Pod. A Perennial Pod for an ongoing project might develop more autonomy in its budget process, permits needed, and social media, and may even want to form its own governing body with decisive roles as needed but always reports back to the appropriate council members before the necessary quarterly reporting to HWB and offers updates for the newsletter. 

Coastal Community Garden at Fortunare FarmKarin Uphoffkarinuphoff@gmail.comPerennial
Gleaners Plant Sale (May)Tina Tedeschitinamt234@gmail.comAnnual
Diversity PodAnna Hope FarPorteanna4hope@gmail.comPerennial
Education PodMatilda Hernandez-Miyaresmhmiyares@gmail.comPerennial
Mobile Clinic PodTina Tedeschitinamt234@gmail.comPerennial
Events + FundraisingPerennial

To Start a Pod, start by filling out this form.