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The Mission of the Mendocino County Herb Guild would not be possible with out the support from Individual Members, Business Members and Sponsors.

Business Members

Offering Intuitive Wellness Consultations, Detox, Education, and a Conscious Event guide for Northern California.

Website: http://www.lyricharmony.com

Phone: 707.478.4905

Cultivate Wellness Studio offers affordable and effective Acupuncture and Herbs in a comfortable community setting.

Acupuncture, Herbal Consultation, Flower Essence Consultations, Herbal Remedies, and more!

Website: www.cultivateacupuncture.com

Contact: info@cultivateacupuncture.com

Quantum Level Consulting offers Holistic Consulting and a wide array of Therapeutic Modalities.

Website: www.claudiawenning.com

Contact: claudia@claudiawenning.com

Desert Moon Ecotherapy offers Earth-Based Wellness for Modern WomenEcotherapy | Purpose Guiding | Fiber + Folk Herbal Inspiration


Chickweed Sponsors 
$50 – $199

Nurturing Seed is a diversified farm growing food and herbs in Mendocino County. We aim to cultivate community through agriculture and find that being in touch with the soil and the plants borne from it inspires an ancient connection to the natural world that lies within all of us. 

Website: www.nurturingseed.farm

Contact: nurturingseed@gmail.com

East Hill House Herbals springs from our respect for and relationships with each other and all living things. We are proud to provide you with the best herbal products that nature, tradition and we have to offer.

Website: www.easthillhouseherbals.com

Contact: easthillhouseherbs@gmail.com

Thyme Sponsors 
$200 – $499

Want to be our first Thyme Level Sponsor? Contact Us here. Thank you!

Nettle Sponsors 
$500 – $999

Want to be our first Nettle Level Sponsor? Contact Us here. Thank you!

Echinacea Sponsors 

Want to be our first Echinacea Level Sponsor? Contact Us here. Thank you!

Interested in becoming a Business Member or Sponsor of the Mendocino County Herb Guild? Please Contact Us for more information!