Anti-Racism in Herbalism

Five, 2 hr+ virtual/phone gatherings held every other Tues starting June 30, 2020 at 6pm PST.

Please plan to attend all gatherings; each one builds upon the next.

These gatherings are in “presentation style” with resource links for further deepening. The pace is moderate/quick with some prompts for personal reflection through out and beyond. The history is vast, largely untold by the dominant narrative, and requires further, active practice and study.

The two folks guiding are a white cis-female and white passing Latinx cis female who are forever learning. We welcome collaboration, feedback, thoughts, anything. Our viewpoint is limited by/to our lived experiences. You can reach out to us anytime at

  1. The Basics – June 30th, 6pm PST
    Social Identity, Intersectionality, Systemic Racism, What is Whiteness? What is anti-Blackness? More…
  1. Blind Spots – July 14th, 6pm PST
    Implicit Bias, Intent vs Impact, Micro Aggressions, Tone Policing, Centering Whiteness, White Fragility, More…
  1. A Culture of Entitlement – July 28th, 6pm PST
    Colorblindness, Cultural Appropriation, Spiritual Bypassing, Virtue Signaling, More…
  1. Access to Wellness – Aug 25th, 6pm PST
    Extra stressors to BIPOC minds and bodies and impediments to accessing health and wellness, racism in the very structure of the medical system (BMI)
  1. Uncomfortable Conversations – Sep 8th, 6pm PST
    Tools for dismantling White Supremacy
    Call out vs Call in
    Common misunderstandings and how to address them

    Please note, registration for these gatherings are now CLOSED.

The MISSION of the Mendocino County Herb Guild is to gather as farmers, medicine makers and community members to create Full-Circle Herbalism.

Full-Circle Herbalism benefits the community through regenerative cultivation and wild-crafting of herbs, intentional medicine-making, conscious education, and the development of accessible apothecaries and clinics so that healing plant medicine can be available to all who need it.

Here on Pomo territory, we are cultivating a self-reliant and resilient County by embracing the herbal resources of this bioregion to educate, empower and heal ourselves, each other, and the land so that Mendocino County and beyond may thrive.